Story of a nail biter

Once upon a time there was a young woman who loved nail polish…well, I know. This sounds like the wrong story. But believe me, it isn’t.
As a nail biter I was always trying to figure out how to stop this annoying habit. And to tell you the truth, it never really stopped. But there was a time when I almost did it. I discovered the indie nail polish world and from there I was introduced to nail art stamping. For years and years, I fell into the rabbit hole of buying and swatching nail polish and creating fun nail art stories on my nails. But only 4 fingers were
freed from the constant attack of my teeth. So why not start my own nail polish line; or so, I thought to myself.
A new era begun and Adored Colors were born. At first, I very much enjoyed creating new nail polishes but soon it felt like that my creativity could not compete with other more established or financially independent makers. I slowly got to a point that we call “swatcher burn out”. To make things even worse, my mom and sister-in-law were diagnosed with different cancers and of course that made me
worry. They went through all of their treatments and are on the way to recovery, but somewhere in the back of my mind this experience took its toll on me.
Also, our puppy reached an age where her health problems were no longer manageable on an acceptable quality of life for her…so we had to make a decision and I lost my business buddy.
After her passing I was trying to find something that would be a new motivation not only for Adored Colors but also for me as a human being. I always loved watching YouTube videos and for a while I was mesmerized by makers who made their own soap and other beauty products. I gave it a try and while it was fun, it never caught my heart entirely. Until one day I came across some ASMR videos which led me
to packing ASMR videos and one day…HEUREKA!!! I saw a packing video with hair scrunchies.
I am pretty sure most of you know who I am talking about. Tina became a huge inspiration to me and watching her content helped me realized and find what I was looking for. As someone who has long hair and loves scrunchies, I finally landed in my final destination. Bought a kids’ sewing machine to practice on, cut up all my husband’s old T-shirts and the rest is where I am right now; with all of YOU!!! It took
me years to get here but along this journey I learned that it is OK to start fresh when something does not bring me the joy anymore. And thus, Adored Bevies was re-born from an old dream.
I am a procrastinator and the only reason why it took me this so long is my own laziness. However, once I discovered my new passion, there was no stopping me. I am so happy to have you with me on this new adventure and together we can bring down walls. And to prove that, all of our products are named by places – either cities, states, countries, vacation inspirations, space and more...there are no boundaries to where we can go.
So that’s it. My story behind ups and downs that led me here.

Always remember – Today Is a Good Day To Be Happy!!!

100% Cotton

HOW TO CARE FOR COTTON FABRICS: Machine-wash warm or cold, tumble dry. Pull straight from the dryer to prevent wrinkles, or iron while damp.



Machine wash warm or cold, tumble-dry low. If ironing is needed, iron on a low temperature.

Rayon Poplin

Dry cleaning is usually preferable, but some rayons or viscoses can be hand-washed or machine-washed on delicate, cool water. Line dry.


Satin is a 100% woven polyester fabric. Characterized by an ultra shiny look.


Wash separately in cool water using a gentle machine cycle. Machine dry
using a low temperature or permanent press setting and remove promptly to avoid wrinkles.

Performance Piquè

Performance Piquè is a soft, 100% polyester fabric with a fine diamond-like knit structure, perfect for projects that require a comfortable and breathable fabric.

HOW TO CARE FOR SPORTSWEAR FABRICS: Machine wash cold. Rinse with non-chlorinated water immediately after use in a pool. Do not bleach. Do not put in the dryer, hand dry or air dry only